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The CDCL was founded in 1908 and was registered under the Societies Act of Alberta in 1958. The League has been host to Calgary cricket players and fans for over a century, primarily at the picturesque Riley Park and until the 1970’s at Stanley Park..

Currently there are three divisions in the league providing the opportunity for eighteen teams to play both recreational and competitive cricket during the summer months. Over 300 players are currently registered with the C&DCL and in recent years an aggressive junior programme has seen over 2,500 Calgary students being exposed to the sport. This has led to the expansion of our Evening division in 2005 with two high schools fielding teams. This is expected to increase in the coming seasons. The cricket season runs from late May to September each year.

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The C&DCL is a part of the Alberta Cricket Association (ACA) which represents Calgary and Edmonton in the Canadian Cricket Association (CCA). Membership in these groups ensure that players and spectators in Calgary benefit from the intern and intra provincial rivalries that exist. Each year there is competition between teams from Calgary and Edmonton. There are also competitions for juniors in the western provinces.

With the growth of the sport, there is increased opportunities for more players, grounds and communities to become involved. Our goal is to manage the growth of the sport and expose more Calgarians to the rules, recreational value and social worth of the sport.